the idea


What is Mandala?

Mandala is a form of art that we have all been seeing and drawing since the day we come to see the sun during the day or the moon during the night, we studied it in our math class back in school, we drew it when we tried to imagine the atom, we are a part of it as we spin around the sun and around the galaxy and as we navigate through the endless space of the universe.

When you look at the solar system, the way every planet takes an orbit, all have this undetachable connection to each other revolving around the sun that makes the center of this massive circle, between each layer is a connection of power.

That is just one application among so many others, you can see it when you look out your window at a mosque, when you hold a flower or even when you look at well-known logos like Mercedes or Google Chrome.

As a term, Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle, it was the shape the sacred art of the Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions took.


Creating a Mandala piece requires a very high level of precision and patience, it is known for its lengthy process that takes several days and sometimes weeks. Such level of detail can only be achieved by letting go of all forms of stress, anxiety and negative energy caused by our everyday lives. One of the reasons why the Mandala art symbolized forms of universal energy.

We want the energy emitted from our work to spread out in the world, making the steps of everyone around us a beacon echoing such energy through the vast universe.


We want to amplify such energy to our world and evangelize it in our walks on planet earth as we are all trading down unique paths in our journey on Earth, we have chosen to have a contribution to our journey by creating unique and hand-painted shoes enriched by the energy of the universe through the use of the universal symbols of Mandala gifting colors to your steps.


Grabbing something from our daily lives we all take for granted and make something artistic out of it, a walking painting if you will.

As objects, shoes in our lives are mass-produced, as a “one character fits all”, we want to change it and make it personal and powerful.