Back of the shoes

We care about details, that is why we add paintings sometimes on the back of the children shoes. Kids like it!
Image ID: back-of-the-shoes.jpg

Colorful world and the wise owl

Colorful world and the wise owl is full of colors, carefully painted to rock your walks
Image ID: colorful-world-and-the-wise-owl.jpg

Happy hippo

Happy Hippo for the people who like to dive in rivers and relax
Image ID: happy-hippo.jpg

Happy lion

Happy lion for kids who like adventure and wild animals
Image ID: happy-lion.jpg

Labor boy

Labor boy was made for we believe that everyone including kids has the right to work and find a job in their future
Image ID: labor-boy.jpg

Long live Palestine

Long live Palestine was taken from the Palestinian old patterns that we usually find in old women dresses
Image ID: long-live-palestine.jpg

Lotus flower

Lotus flower was made to amazing ladies who believe in inner peace, meditation, and finding thy innerselves.
Image ID: lotus-flower.jpg

Love birds

Love Birds, as for they are cute and most of the people like to own them
Image ID: love-birds.jpg

New fairy dust

When you blow on a fairy dust the magic will begin, with pastel colors and pastel land we created this pair
Image ID: new-fairy-dust.jpg

Oh the places you will go

We believe in adventure, Oh the places you’ll go was made for people who like to travel and to add new places to their lists. Taken from the dr. Seuss concept.
Image ID: oh-the-places-you-will-go.jpg

Pink Floyd pair

As many of people love pink Floyd, we decided to rock their steps with the Pink Floyd pair as we included the Division Bell and the Wall together.
Image ID: pink-floyd-pair.jpg

Reblue land

Blue is a favorit color for many people, we decided to reblue this world with this reblue land pair.
Image ID: reblue-land.jpg


As in roasters wakes us in the early mornings to start our daily life, we created this colorful pair
Image ID: roaster.jpg

Sea corals

Many people like the sea corals, and so are we. Sea corals are the hidden gems that we can find in every sea.
Image ID: sea-corals.jpg

Sea horse love

Sea horses are cute creatures and everybody loves them.. This could be a gift for all the sea lovers.
Image ID: sea-hourse-love.jpg

Shiny dragonfly

Dragon flies are small creatures that we can see near the rivers.
Image ID: shiny-dragonfly.jpg

The carpenter

Each one in life has skills, and being a carpenter is a skill that most of the people appreciates
Image ID: the-carpenter.jpg

The dream catcher

A dream catcher is a sign of luck for native Americans and it represents the circle of life.
Image ID: the-dream-catcher.jpg

The little prince

The little prince is a fairytale that everybody loves, it keeps you dreaming about your childhood,no matter what your age is
Image ID: the-little-prince.jpg

The navy blues

The Navy Blues was made for these dreamers who like blues music
Image ID: the-navy-blues.jpg

The spirit of almond blossom

The spirit of almond blossom was taken from the Van gogh’s masterpiece
Image ID: the-spirit-of-almond-blossom.jpg

The sun space

The sun space was one of three pairs. And it represents the importance of the Sun in the solar system
Image ID: the-sun-space.jpg

The sun the moon and the truth

Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth
Image ID: the-sun-the-moon-and-the-truth.jpg

The three musketeers

The three musketeers is an old story from the 17th century, a novel that everyone enjoyed
Image ID: the-three-mouseketeers.jpg

The truth spaceman

The Truth, was one of three pairs, it was a pair designed for children because they are the truth in this planet
Image ID: the-truth-spaceman.jpg


Wanderlust for all the people who like to find new places around the world
Image ID: wanderlust.jpg

We love greens

We love greens because green is the color of life, the owl is the symbol of being wise
Image ID: we-love-greens.jpg